Professional Dog Training Businesses

in Devon

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Force - Free Training & Methods Only

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Know Your Dog

Sally Lewis


- Holistic Behavioural Support. Training & Coaching.

- Behavioural Consultations & Assessment.

- Workshops & Seminars.

- L5 Diploma Canine Behaviour

- L3 Diploma Canine Communication

- L3 Diploma Canine Behaviour

- L3 Diploma Dog Training

- Canine Anxiety

- Canine Health & Nutrition

- Canine Fear

- Canine First Aid 

- Certified Animal Behaviourist

- L.E.G.S Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediation Professional Course



07824 512 885

Canis Concept Ltd

Chelsea Lee


- Puppy Classes

- Workshops

- 121 Training

- Adolescent Classes

- L2 Practical Animal Care

- L3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management

- Diploma of Higher Education in Animal Science




Speak Dog with Ruth Haynes

Ruth Haynes


- 121 Dog Training

- Behavioural Work

- Puppy Classes

- Adolecent Classes

- Classes for Rescue & Nervous Dogs

- Puppy guidance

- Parkour Workshops & Classes

- Scent work classes & workshops.

- L5 Diploma Canine Behaviour

- Canine First Aid

- All Dogs Parkour Certified Instructor

- Scent Instructor Certificate

- The Puppy Lab

- L3 Dog Grooming



07716 231 387

Canine Support

Katharine Brunsch


- Online Dog Training

- Reactive Dog Series

- Bark to the Future

- Loose lead & connection

- Fear of Fireworks

-Virtual Dog Training/Coaching

- Help! My dog is reactive

- Understanding your dog

- Foundation Training Skills

- ACE Free Work

- Tellington TTouch 

- Tellington TTouch Practitioner

- Career As A Dog Trainer

- L3 Learning, motivation & reinforcement 

- Perfect Puppy Foundations

- Canine Body Language

- Canine Aggression & Rehab

- The Exercises

- Masters course Aggression in Dogs

- Dog Centred Care

- Low stress handling of the canine patient

- Canine First Aid. 



07369 251 682

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