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A specialist website for Dog Owners and Professional Dog Businesses in the UK.

We bring together hundreds of Reputable Canine Business Owners and thousands of dog lovers searching for a Professional Dog Service. 

Dog Businesses - Join the only elite network of insured, licensed and qualified Canine Business Owners.

Dog Owners - Helping you find local, reputable, and insured dog care for your canine, because your dog deserves the best!

Professional Dog Businesses UK lists the Businesses in the UK who are providing a professional Dog Service. Here we list the Best of the Best in the UK! Those who have the necessary insurance, licence, qualifications, training and experience to provide the best care for your dog. Only businesses that use force-free training methods are approved. We also list Canine Services.

Dog Owners can find a reputable professional in their area for FREE. All the dog services you need, all in one place! 


"I know we are aware of this but I have to say that since posting on FB and google that I’ve joined this wonderful group (PDBUK) - I’ve had numerous clients say they didn’t realise all groomers weren’t trained as such. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing, my inbox is on fire - best £30 I ever spent!

Here’s to the next chapter in ensuring the welfare of our babies are taken seriously…. “Thank you” Sue Oliver for recommending Professional Dog Businesses UK group to me… you’re a diamond! (My books are full ‘till December!) I

I will endeavour to be the best groomer I can be to each individual doggy because I love every one of them." 

(West Bridgford Dog Grooming)

"I Joined PDBUK for networking and marketing purposes, it’s wonderful to connect with like-minded pet businesses who are really passionate about their work with dogs. To know that PDBUK Vets all of its businesses first to ensure they all meet the highest of standards in terms of qualifications, licenses etc is great. The quality, experience and expertise within the network is second to none. PDBUK is a real gem for dog owners looking for a reputable pet business to meet their specific needs."

(Anastasia, The Dog Tooth Fairy).

"I joined PDBUK last year to demonstrate my commitment to professional standards in the industry. Because PDBUK vets its members with strict joining criteria, people who use PDBUK can be confident that Actidog has the appropriate qualifications, insurance and experience needed to offer the best possible service."

(Laura, Actidog Canicross & Cani-hiking). 

"PDBUK has been fantastic for networking with a community who are as passionate about our trade as I am. It proves the ethics and professionalism of Doggy Home School."

(Doggy Home School).

"This is a great resource for anything dog related."

(Canine Strides Massage Therapy).

"Delighted to be part of this business and it deserves recognition for the amount of work that Emma, Director puts in.
Emma is passionate about dog’s getting the best service possible and is on a mission which I feel will succeed.
The way it is run is just spot on…all professional credentials are checked on a yearly basis before renewing our membership and with the group growing so big now, that’s a lot of work…!
The way Emma tries to promote the professionals is second to none - competitions are run for all services offered - I feel these are set up fairly and more importantly, in addition, draws attention not only to qualified, professionals but also highlights the most important factor in all of this - that our shared aim is for all dogs to receive the best possible service from all in BDPUK.
“Thank you” so very much Emma for accepting me into this fabulous group…It’s helped me loads with my business…customers’ are loving that they have a so called ‘vetted’ dog groomer!
Absolutely 5* from me…x"

(Jayne Ritchie)

Amazing! Give us a bit of recognition in a society which is often too keen to see people fail. This has been a nice group to be part of and I add the logo to my certificates so my students know they are part of something too. Well done. It’s nice to feel part of something.

(Lorna Foley)

Excellent service for dog owners and professionals alike. I particularly like that anyone that wants to have their details on the site has to show proof of insurance and their certificates for any courses they have completed. Meaning that anyone on there has already been checked and assessed for their suitability.

(Speak Dog With Ruth Haynes)

Amazing way of people finding top quality, fully licensed and insured pet professionals as each company joining are scrutinised and verified. Love the award system too. If your looking for any pet service check these out on.


PDBUK is a fantastic group of people who can share different stories and advice on anything about dogs. Emma works tirelessly to make this such a great group of professionals in the dog world.
(Paul Green)

Highly recommend this company for any professional dog business. Emma is very thorough and the communication is amazing. My business was added to the website within a day. The Facebook group is also very informative and helpful.

(Hayley Cunningham)


(Louise @Preziosa Group®)

Good value for money, advertising platform.
Great place to find professional dog businesses and be assured that they are fully trained and insured professionals.

(Kerry Goring)

We feel that having industry standards are very important and it gives customers a bit of reassurance knowing that the business they are going to send their beloved pooches to have been checked.

(Dave - Top Dog)

Fantastic company, that gives people the peace of mind that everyone they advertise are fully qualified professionals.

(Kayleigh Hipkiss)

Bringing together businesses across the dog related sector and helping dog owners find reputable dog related services

(Border Collie Trust)

Dog Owners

Helping you find local, reputable, and insured dog care for your canine, because your dog deserves the best!

Are you a dog owner and you need help and advice to find the best care for your dog?

Are you unsure which dog business to use in your area ..... are they insured? are they qualified, what qualifications do they have? are they licensed? have they done training? what experience do they have? are they using force-free training methods?

There are hundreds of dog businesses now in the UK, but how do you know which ones are professionals? Many are running with no qualifications, no licences or even insurance. Your dog deserves the best! We make life simple by only listing professionals!

Professional Dog Businesses UK helps you to find the best care for your beloved dog. All businesses listed on our website are professionals; they have the necessary: insurance, licence, qualifications, training and experience required for their service. Force free dog businesses are only approved. We also list Canine services such as dog products, dog photographers and artists, rescue centres and more. 

Find a local reputable business to care for your dog here for FREE. All the dog services you need all on one website from Dog Grooming to Hydrotherapy! 

Visit our 'Dog Owners' page for helpful tips. 

Professional Dog Businesses

Join the only elite network of insured, licensed and qualified Canine Business Owners.

Do you run a professional dog business in the UK and would like to register with us?

Are you insured, licensed, qualified, trained, experienced in relation to your service area? Do you use force-free training methods? If Yes to these questions, then join our elite network! 

Please take a look at the 'Join PDBUK' page on the website for full details including the benefits of joining us. To request a registration form email: info@professionaldogbusinessesuk.co.uk

Force- Free Training & Methods Only

All Canine Businesses listed must have the training, qualifications & experience needed to provide the best service. They must continue to keep up to date by completing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) whilst being a member of PDBUK. All Canine Professionals must use the most up to date force -free tools & methods only.

Each business has to complete a registration form to join us and show proof of academic qualifications, theoretical knowledge and hands on experience, 

Choke, prong or shock collars are not acceptable under any circumstance. Any methods and tools which cause pain force or fear are also not acceptable under any circumstance. 

PDBUK only accepts businesses using force-free tools and methods

Professional Dog Businesses UK is proud to be an Organisation supporting the position paper of the initiative for force-free dog training!

View us at:

organsations - forcefree-dogtraining.org

Dog Welfare is our number one priority.

Professional Dog Businesses UK is raising the standards of the dog industry and helping to stamp out unprofessional companies. 

Professional Dog Businesses UK is proud to be a Pro Member of the Dog Welfare Alliance (DWA)

We support the DWA's Force-Free Ethics. 

View us at:

Organisations and Companies (thedogwelfarealliance.co.uk)